Saturday, May 28, 2011

We like to move it, move it.

Okay, so I know I just posted a very sorry message apologizing to all of you about my upcoming absence but the thing is, th moment I clicked on 'Publish Post' my eyes did the 'twitch'. If you know me in real life, or if you've ever met me, if I get unhappy about something, my eyes start twitching. This is a boon apparently, according to my mother.

"That's how I caught your lies when you were younger, you know!"

Whaa--Is that how---Oh. Damn.

Anyway, so with another episode of the 'Twitch', I spent the rest of my day wearing my super dorky sunglasses that my mother bought for me long, long ago when she had to shop for me. I took a walk in my colony wearing the slightly pink, horrible rounded sunglasses. I unfortunately don't possess an oval/heart shaped face, instead inheriting a rather round, moon face from Dad Dearest (And HE calls me round. Hmpf. He doesn't seem to realise we're identical in shape) and wearing those super round sunglasses, I rather felt like a miserable flat pancake.

My mother had kicked me out of the house earlier, demanding that I walk and not sit in front of the computer and wear out my credit card, and so the evening found me trotting very miserably around my area, avoiding anything that had eyes, including the very adorable retriever that lived a few blocks down my place.

Fifteen minutes into my walk, I had cheered myself up, imagining the weight loss and thinking of the next Modcloth sale. I began to take a more daring course, even going past the Cute Guy's house (notice the caps) and shaking my head in which I thought was a cool way to some weird rap music on my mobile that I had never heard before--

Hang on. Weird rap music? On MY mobile?

I'm going to kill my brother.

So while I was doing the head jiggle, my feet began to move on their own, I swear. I am not a dancer, far from it but I suppose rap music does that to you. I even pumped my hands up and did a strange move which involved crossing my leg over the other, waving my hands around the head and trying to bend. You'd think I'd stop there but oh, no. I had to show off my new-found gymnastic skills and so I attempted ANOTHER step which involved jumping with legs entwined.

And then I tripped.

JUST. When. The. Cute. Guy. Said. Hi. From. Behind.

Google Images

All I can say is I hope he enjoyed the lovely view of my huge er, curvy behind.

At least the eyes are stable now. I blogged! 


Pretty Blush said...

She kicked you out completely? where are you going to stay?

Pretty Blush said...

Oh, haha, it hasn't come to that yet! I'm still at home but not for long, will be moving out for College in about a week. :)

Pretty Blush said...

Wooohoo! so he said HI and what did you do after thatttttt???