Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fast Five : Blush Purple

I just came back from watching Fast Five. It was the usual hot cars, hot guys and hot girls sort of scene. My kind. Well, only the hot guys and their cars but the guys who were watching it with me beg to differ. They hooted and hollered in their typical 'I'm a male and I'm proud of it and...wanna go make out?' manner. Males. They're the same across every specie.

It was pretty fast moving and I wasn't bored which was a relief, thank god. I think boredom has become my second name. From the start of the movie till the end, it was entertaining and I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, howling along with the boys when the bad men were hitting the good men. Sorry, I can only just about distinguish the bad from the good. And the good were never good to begin with. Quite confusing for me because I choose to take sides right from the beginning. Makes things so much easily. (Like if I want to ask my brother after coming back from reloading my popcorn bowl, I just simply ask - Are the bad guys dead yet? See. So simple.) Really, it was quite an intense moment when Vin Diesel was being beaten up the Rock and I waved angry fat fists at the screen. (Fat because they were bugling with un-eaten cheese popcorn, thank god)

Gal Gadot, Fast Five
There was one scene that I found incredibly funny and I think quite a few of the viewers would agree with me. It was a terrible dig at women and frankly had me annoyed for a second but the scene was quite hilarious when you think about it. Gal Gadot who plays one of the good guys (but she's also a bad gu- gosh, see what I mean?) and one other member of the good team (lets just accept them as the white side even though they're apparently all shades of grey - mix of black and white) were pondering over how they would get the palm prints of the main bad guy. Then Gal threw a comment that was QUITE annoying, 'Don't send a man to do a women's job' or something like that. I had nothing against the comment BUT the context of her comment was irritating. Anyway, she sort of just threw away her cover dress and stalked towards the bad guy in a purple bikini.

Gal Gadot, Fast Five

Cue male hootings.

She sat down near him and *spoiler alert* you'd never guess how they got his prints! The fool grabbed her arse and started stroking her butt..and yeah, THAT'S how. So funny.

While this was going on, all I thought was...oh, such a petty bikini. I need to go home and find one like that for me. A size bigger, of course. Or mybe a two. I would NEVER fit into her size. I've been meaning to see to all that lumps and bumps hanging about in the body but I never seem to have enough time for that when I spend most of it doing, you know, important stuff like Facebook.

Honestly speaking, I haven't ever WORN a bikini without wearing something that covers it all up. I know, what's the point, right? I don't know, I just really enjoy bikini shopping and trying them out. I love all the bows and stripes and the neon coloured ones and I love how they slim you up (if you know which ones to buy for yourself) without covering you up from head to toe. Maybe one day...

I found some gorgeous cover-ups here though:

InStyle Swimwear, $68

Canyon, $174

Venus, $29

Venus, $88

Victoria's Secret, $30

Victoria's Secret, $49.50

Victoria's Secret, $68

Everything but water, $137

Everything but water, $71

Everything but water, $398 (ouch)

Everything but water, $139

Everything but water, $88

Nordstrom, $44 (my personal love)

Anthropologie, $138

80s PURPLE, $35.20

80s PURPLE, $62

Click below image to buy.

That's it for today!

Yours blushingly

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