Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kardemom Skirt GIVEAWAY!

Well, folks, after that first giveaway, I think I've become addicted to hosting them. Honestly, people go on and on about wasting time on Giveaways but I seem to enjoy them thoroughly. When I click the final button to find the winner, I feel awesome. :)

(That's my God complex talking.)

Anyway, here's my second SUPER-AWESOME giveaway!

Introducing the face behind the amazing Kardemom Etsy shop:

Dress made by her

Skirt made by her

She's super-talented and has the most gorgeous clothes ever. When I approached her about the giveaway, she agreed immediately and I had the best time ever discussing about the giveaway with her.

Here's a few things you should know:

About her designs:

K: When I make a garment, usually it starts with finding a fabric. I love to browse vintage and thrift stores, and buy all the fabric that catches my eye. For some reason, I always buy striped fabrics and shades of blue and green. I have them on shelves in my studio, and decide from there what I want to make. Usually I see the image of what item I should make, like a picture or a movie still in my head. And then I just follow that. I love combining vintage fabrics into one lovely, ruffle, doll-like dress.

About the type of women she makes her designs for:

K: The type of women I have in mind when I make items is a girl that is both strong and innocent. She likes to read and wander in forests. She believes in fairytales and maybe doesn’t like reality that much. At the same time she is not a child, she has lots of ideas and opinions and is a bit of a rebel.

About herself:

K: I’m a 25 year old girl, living in the north of the Netherlands. I live with my husband and a cat called Fred, in a very small house with a very small garden. I studied art history and now try to get by by sewing clothes, writing freelance for magazines, organizing exhibitions, and bartering things. Currently I’m dreaming of living in Venice, Italy, and I want to go there this winter. I have no real plans for my life except read as many books as possible. I spend most of my time reading, sewing, gardening, and dreaming big dreams about the future. I love to make clothes mostly because I love colours and the way some fabrics feel.

Doesn't she seem awesome? I'm one of her biggest fans! I drooled over almost everything that was on her shop website. I wanted to have them all! Unfortunately, sigh, that's not how the Universe works and that's why I'm sitting here, giving you the wonderful opportunity to... a beautiful skirt! 

Initially, we were worried about the size so we came up with a simple solution: The Winner gets to choose between two skirts, any one skirt which is nearest to or is her size!

The two skirts are:

Waist: 82-95 cm / 32-37 inch
Length: 40 cm / 16 inch

Waist: 90-110 cm / 36-44
Length: 53 cm / 21 inch

Aren't they a beauty? See how you can win them!

Here's how you enter:

Mandatory Entry: 
1. Like me on Facebook/Follow me via GFC 
2. Go to Geerte's Etsy shop and come back and comment on your favorite item. 

This is not necessary but will be appreciated:
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Please include your email id when you comment so I can contact you if you win.


Contests ends on 3rd June 2011.
Open Worldwide. 

Goooooood luck, ladies!