Saturday, May 28, 2011

We like to move it, move it.

Okay, so I know I just posted a very sorry message apologizing to all of you about my upcoming absence but the thing is, th moment I clicked on 'Publish Post' my eyes did the 'twitch'. If you know me in real life, or if you've ever met me, if I get unhappy about something, my eyes start twitching. This is a boon apparently, according to my mother.

"That's how I caught your lies when you were younger, you know!"

Whaa--Is that how---Oh. Damn.

Anyway, so with another episode of the 'Twitch', I spent the rest of my day wearing my super dorky sunglasses that my mother bought for me long, long ago when she had to shop for me. I took a walk in my colony wearing the slightly pink, horrible rounded sunglasses. I unfortunately don't possess an oval/heart shaped face, instead inheriting a rather round, moon face from Dad Dearest (And HE calls me round. Hmpf. He doesn't seem to realise we're identical in shape) and wearing those super round sunglasses, I rather felt like a miserable flat pancake.

My mother had kicked me out of the house earlier, demanding that I walk and not sit in front of the computer and wear out my credit card, and so the evening found me trotting very miserably around my area, avoiding anything that had eyes, including the very adorable retriever that lived a few blocks down my place.

Fifteen minutes into my walk, I had cheered myself up, imagining the weight loss and thinking of the next Modcloth sale. I began to take a more daring course, even going past the Cute Guy's house (notice the caps) and shaking my head in which I thought was a cool way to some weird rap music on my mobile that I had never heard before--

Hang on. Weird rap music? On MY mobile?

I'm going to kill my brother.

So while I was doing the head jiggle, my feet began to move on their own, I swear. I am not a dancer, far from it but I suppose rap music does that to you. I even pumped my hands up and did a strange move which involved crossing my leg over the other, waving my hands around the head and trying to bend. You'd think I'd stop there but oh, no. I had to show off my new-found gymnastic skills and so I attempted ANOTHER step which involved jumping with legs entwined.

And then I tripped.

JUST. When. The. Cute. Guy. Said. Hi. From. Behind.

Google Images

All I can say is I hope he enjoyed the lovely view of my huge er, curvy behind.

At least the eyes are stable now. I blogged! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Giant Cloud in the sky

Hello, lovelies!

Sorry for the hideously late post but I've been super busy...sleeping. Yesterday I crossed my own record by sleeping for twenty-two hours. ZZZzzzzzzzz....

BUT, I have some very exciting news to share!

I just got my results for Grade 12, CBSE, with 92%! *does an excited, happy squeal* Those of you who live in India would already know what CBSE is but for the people everywhere else, it's basically the most important, centralised test that you have to appear for AND pass to qualify as a school graduate. The grades decide which College you go to in India and you need the grades even you if you're appearing for SAT or whatever else. I'm planning on taking up History as my major subject for College. Hopefully I get into some good ones. :)

The next month will be spent trekking from College to College, gathering forms, filling them, sending them and hopefully receiving the Interview call. Which brings me to a painful halt.

I will be so busy the next month and the month after (first semester starts from 21st July) that my Blog will definitely suffer. It will be on temporary hiatus for two months and I already shudder to think of losing all my lovely readers. I hope and I hope you'll stick with me till the end and forgive this slight bump on the road.

But don't worry, I will definitely be posting the name of the winner of my Giveaway! So people are still welcome to enter. Giveaway ends 3rd June, everyone!



Friday, May 20, 2011

Old Magazines: The Dilemma

Courtesy: Google Images 

The man who buys the old/used newspapers in my colony just went away from my doorstep, occasionally looking back to send a glare or spit angrily on the floor. He was also muttering something as he left and I tried not to listen too closely, knowing very well it wasn't very complimentary.

It all started very innocently, let me tell you. He was passing by my house and I remembered my huge stack of magazines that I really needed to sell before heading off to College. I ran to the balcony and beckoned him with a large yell. My dog, Lucky, who had trotted into the balcony after me also began barking loudly which resulted in a shouting match between the both of us.



Who won?
Well, I prefer to think of it as a tie. (You would too if you lose to your tiny dog. I mean, how embarrassing is it to lose to fairly small white dog?)

Of course, the man HAD to come then. He couldn't very well ignore the war cries. He turned towards the entrance and I flew towards the door, gasping for breath and clutching my stomach as I opened it.

"You called?" He asked sarcastically.

I straightened myself from the undignified heap and nodded, "Yes. Yes, yes, I did."

I went back inside, and collected a pile and deposited them at his feet. It took me FIFTEEN, yes, you read that right, FIFTEEN trips to place all my magazines in front of him.

"Didn't take you long at all." The old man commented, ergo destroying all my beliefs that old men were like grandfathers, sweet and absent minded. Huh. I really did not like this guy.

So we sat down and calculated the amount and I was a little upset with the price (I had visions of buying another dress with the money) but I consented to his final price and it was all dandy...

...till he began placing the magazines in his cart. Every time he lifted a pile and threw them carelessly on the cart, a part of me cried. I mean, they were MINE! My magazines that I had bought lovingly and treasured till the next issue which would then end in them being shoved to the Store Room but mine nonetheless. I think I had three years worth of magazines; Vogue, Seventeen, People, The Economist, you name it, I subscribed it. I even wanted to subscribe to the Russian Vogue if it weren't for my mother.

"BUT YOU DON'T EVEN SPEAK RUSSIAN!" My mother had croaked hysterically.
"See, that's the thing. If I subscribe to it, I could learn how to speak Russian! Imagine!" I exclaimed excitedly, mentally imagining myself in St.Petersburg, amazing everyone with my fluent Russian language skills.
My mother raised an eyebrow. "How? By reading how to bikini wax?"

Mothers are such spoilsports. No imagination at all.

By the time the man was done, my heart was literally on the floor, trampled and butchered mercilessly. It gave a final weak beat and just...stopped.

That's when I cried out loud. "Wait!"

In less than two seconds flat, I was next to his cart and unloading what he had JUST loaded. One after another, I began pulling out all my magazines from his cart, ignoring his yells and determinedly carrying on with my mission. It took me fifteen minutes to take everything out and when I was done, I carried them to my room and handed him some money. I had wasted his time. "Sorry," I said guiltily.

He gave me a final glare and stalked off, muttering something that sounded suspiciously like, "Idiotic, stupid, flighty, feather-headed moron."

But I could be wrong.

So now I'm sitting in my room, surrounded by a sea of old magazines, blogging, sipping coffee and reading old articles now and then.
And you know what?

I wouldn't do it any other way.

P.S. I found a lovely way I can use my old magazines. More on that later. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

And the winner is...

I'm so thrilled my first Giveaway went off so smoothly! Thanks guys! It was great seeing the comments! 

Without further ado, the winner of the Mstalker402 Giveaway is...


Congrats, girl! Check your email and send your reply back asap. 
(Check your spam folder if you still haven't got it)

If the winner doesn't reply in 48 hours, I will pick a new winner. 

I'll be having my next giveaway very soon. Stay tuned and stay pretty! 

Love, P.B

Lovely Little Treasures Come in Tiny Packages

You know those boring days when there's nothing to do other than Facebook? Well, honestly, I'm quite thankful for those. It's better than NO Facebook. Yes, I'm a Facebook addict and yes, I'm one of those reasons why Mark Zuckerberg is currently one of the richest men alive. No, but really. I'm not selling Facebook (you're probably a FB user too) but it's a fantastic opportunity to meet new people...

...and that's how I met Vinita. Or more exactly, Tiny's Lovely Little Treasures. It was a page on Facebook that said, on it's info page, "Tiny brings style to you, right to your door step at the most reasonable prices ever". Well,  as you may have guessed, I clicked on Contact immediately and sent quite a demanding email requesting her to please send over her latest collection! (All done very sweetly, never fear. I'm a professional. I am!)

I got an email back almost instantly and here's what was in it:

Antique Queen's Crown, white rhinestones and black bow. $8/400INR

Charm Bracelet, $7/350INR

Charm Key Ring, $7/400INR

This is just a teaser of all the goodies that I wanted so desperately. I finally settled on two-three things and I just got them yesterday! I am NEVER going to the malls again. It's all handmade for me now! The accessories I got were super-cute and adorable and AFFORDABLE, though smaller in size than I had imagined. But after trying them on, I decided I like them better that way. She even added a small gift which I LOVED! I'll definitely show you the pictures in an outfit post that I will do once I get a DECENT camera. I think I'm still stuck in the 80s. :(

Vinita was friendly and so, so helpful during the transaction. I had a couple of doubts and she sorted them out almost immediately. She even came in the city newspapers:

I had a small interview with her too:

1. Tell us something about your designs...

Most of my inspiration comes from nature, butterflies, flowers, stars, leaves, you name it. I also get inspired by my friends, their personalities, their likes and dislikes. I also adore rhinestones, I love the shine and sparkle they add. I wish to use swarovski crystals soon... (Pretty Blushes is certainly excited about that)
 All our designs are hand-made, stones put by hand, hand welded. Each one of my designs is unique and special.

2. What type of girls/women do you keep in mind when you create them?

Young Women. With tight pockets. Those who want to look stylish without emptying their wallets.

3. What's your personal style?

I love bows! You will always see me with hair bows, bows on my bags, bow charms, rings. I also love acid colours and polka dots!  Stripes and textures too.
 I believe in keeping one accessory the center of attention. Most of my outfits are muted, mostly shades of blue, grey, violet. I like my accessory to have that pop of colour or interesting design...

Want to get hold of her pretty accessories? Here's how you can contact her:

Phone: +91-9930398311
Facebook Page:
She also has a personal Blog:

Psst. She made this gorgeous bib which I've got reserved for ME! Isn't it just gorgeous and drool-worthy?

What do you think, blushers? Definitely drool-wrothy?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love For Under 20$

Oh, man. I just got an email alerting me about this:

NOW $8.27

NOW $6.97

NOW $11.97

NOW $9.97

NOW $8.97

NOW $14.95

NOW $20.95
(This is love, I swear)

NOW 16.95

NOW $19.95

NOW $15.95

Click on the NOW below to buy.

I think I just bought an entire wardrobe. But seriously. SALE, people. It's like the magic word. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amanda Peet: Blush or Flush?

2011 NBC Upfront Presentation

What do you think of her dress? I am not too fond of it, specially because the dress doesn't flatter her upper body at all. She is not fat by any measure but the Valentino dress hits her chest at an unflattering angle which makes her look heavy. I also thought the design was a little awkward which is a bummer. I really love Valentino. Oh, well. You can't have it all.

I wasn't too fond of her shoes either but the make-up was super light and fresh!

Think it's blush-worthy?

Monday, May 16, 2011


My friend and I were having our usual Facebook discussions. "Oh, god. And then he did THAT!" "Oh, he's such an a*s."

I was surfing the web for pretty shoes when I saw a picture of a pair of Louboutins. We had a soulful discussion on it and then -

My Friend: Oh, GOD! I don't care about shoes! (This coming from a girl who stalks all the websites for designer stuff) I want to shuffle! 

Me: Okay, okay, lets come down here. Fine. We'll talk about shuffling. 

Friend: Like this -> 

Friend: Like the first girl at least. Or the third.

Me: (after a minute of watching it, puzzled) What is this? Moon walk?

Friend: (annoyed) NO! Shuffling. Or the techtonik.

Me: ...

Friend: I wish I could dance euroclub style. Since EVERYONE PARTIES TO TECHNO. THEY ALL DANCE LIKE THAT THERE!

Me: But...why?


Me: WHY would you want to dance like that? I'm sure it's awesome and all can't dance with a guy!

Friend: Yes, you can. You can get ohmygod close to the guy.

Me: (confused) How? What if you accidentally knee him....


Me: (continuing)...when you're shuffling away like a duck?

Friend: (also continuing)...BECAUSE I CAN'T DANCE!


How about you? Can you do the shuffle? 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Liz Troubles

I was just running around the house with my dog yesterday when the inevitable happened. One moment I was chasing my dog and trying to grab his tail to stop him from taking my clothes to his secret place and the next moment, I felt something land on my left shoulder. I spared a glance for a tiny second to see what it was---

---and promptly brought the house down with my shrieks.


I danced around the house, screaming my head off and waving my hands and wriggling my shoulders to try shake it off. The GRAY lizard wouldn't budge even for a second. By now my dog was barking his tiny brain off and my family all rushed into the living room where I was doing my own version of an African dance.


My housekeeper pushed her way through the crowd (Gooooooooo, lizzard! - cheered my pesky brother) and I paused for a second to show her my shoulder. I was hysterical by now and my dog chose the wrong time to listen to me. He was still barking like mad and the phone (probably the neighbors) started ringing off the hook which led a very flustered housekeeper to slap me across my face. 

I stopped right on my path and froze. I opened my mouth and that was when the lizard -shudder- decided to jump off my shoulder, and neatly landed on the floor. Before I could even register it, he had scuttled away to some random dark corner. 

My housekeeper regarded me darkly and went off to...well, wherever she goes off to. My dog gave a last, final bark and then trooped towards his bed to the other room. My brother, disappointed that the floor show was over, went back to his comic books and the other family members disappeared one after another, leaving me standing alone in the middle of the room.

It took me a while to get over the urge to take another shower every five minutes. To take off my mind, I logged into my email account and there was new Net-a-porter update which took my mind to a happier place. I browsed the website for a minute and stumbled across this:



My reaction to this was...I'm going to take another shower.

Yours blushingly

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mstalker402 Bracelets GIVEAWAY!

Well, my peeps, after that awful long slight delay, I'm having my first give-away! I was planning on having it a day earlier but Blogger seemed to have different plans for me.

Anyway, this one's being sponsored by this wonderful girl, Michelle, who has a lovely shop here. The coolest thing about her shop is that it's so, so, affordable and her designs are seriously amazing and one of a kind. Have a look:

She's kindly agreed to give you...not one, not two, but a set of SIX bracelets! All so gorgeous and versatile. Here's a chance for you to win the pack of surprise goodies!

Before I go on with the conditions for entering this super give-away, I must tell you something. I found Michelle, mstalker 402 on Etsy, very cooperative, friendly and incredibly generous. I just had to take an Interview of hers. 

1. What got you into jewelry making?  

I was so tired of paying so much for jewelry that I only like, not love! So why not make my own creations that are inexpensive and are specifically to my liking?  I decided also that I needed a job on the side, I am a full time student online, and what better way to do such by selling my jewelry?

2. Give us a few words about your designs?  

These are all original designs, some of them which I've taken inspiration from others.  I strive to get you your jewelry at the lowest price so we can both benefit.  A good relationship with your buyer is crucial.

3. Which is your favorite accessory style?  

Anything really sparkly with lots of charms and pretty glass beads.

Here's how you enter:

Mandatory Entries

1. Like me on Facebook.
2. Pick your favorite item from Michelle's Etsy shop and come back and comment on it here!

(Please leave your email id along with the entries so I can contact you in case you win)

Optional Entries:
(Please leave a separate comment for each)

1. Follow my blog through GFC.
2. Add Michelle on Facebook
3. Follow me on Twitter.
4. Follow Michelle on Twitter.
5. Follow me on Bloglovin
6. Tweet about this giveaway and paste the link in your comment. 

Please add your email to all your entries. 

This is open worldwide and ends on the 19th of May. I will pick the winner via

Good luck!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Blushing Red Carpet: Salma Hayek FLUSHED

I'll cut right to the chase.

Using Antonio Banderas as a distraction.

What do you think of her dress?

You: ---(comment below!)

 "I hate it. I hate the leathery shimmer, I hate the leather feel, I hate the whole leather dress. I don't like that length on her at all. It makes her legs look on the bigger side when I know perfectly well they are NOT. Well, okay, my brother just said the last part. But I agree with him this time. Yes, I do. I HATE it."

If anyone ever forces me to choose between her Gucci dress and my highly irritating, pain-in-the-butt(literally. I was six. A painful age) fear of injections, I'd choose to take saline. Yes, that's how much I hate her dress. It's uncalled for, of course. I don't have any personal vendetta against leather. Call it horrible or chic or sexy, but I LOVE leather tights. I think they look very Gal Gadot. ;) Of course, they'd never do on my legs. Ha. I think my thighs are the size of three Gal Gadot thighs put together.

Did that just sound horribly wrong? 

Still, I wear them. I suppose that's what Salma Hayek thought. (At least, that's the only possible explanation I can think of.) "Hmmm...I hate it. But it's leather. And I LOVE leather. Everyone knows that...." --

Case I: 

Of course, it's two sizes smaller. I did that on PURPOSE. Duh. 
Case II:

If you were wearing what I was, you'd have the same expression, buddy. 

Well, Salma, you poor dear, I definitely understand your predicament. I'd have the same expression too. What I didn't understand was your expression here:

Happy, sulty expression.

What's with THAT? Happy expression much? Oh, well. I hope it was just for the cameras...

However, what I did love was your lovely flower shrug. (But it was still a little odd to see you wear that in the heat.) In fact, that should earn you some brownie points. THAT and the shoes. Still. It doesn't cut down your negative points. Much. 

Here are a few similar designs. I would suggest you wear it in the winters though. Otherwise you might end up with an expression like the CASE II picture and then melt away like warm, green goo. I didn't find that many as expected. The store people apparently thought that winter closet belonged to the winter store. Apparently. They clearly haven't met Salma Hayek...

The first one is bang-on similar (with a better colour, of course). Also, I expect, similar price-tag. If you can afford to, click on the link below the picture:

BHLDN, $1,100

BHLDN, $240

BHLDN, $350

80s PURPLE, $35

Minelli Feather Shrug, $185

Milan Ostrich Feather Stole, $327.07

Streisand Feather Stole, $158.56

Asos, NOW $21.52

Debenhams, $

All I can say right now is...I can't believe I just did a winter wardrobe post. It's 25°C outside. And increasing.

Yours blushingly

Fast Five : Blush Purple

I just came back from watching Fast Five. It was the usual hot cars, hot guys and hot girls sort of scene. My kind. Well, only the hot guys and their cars but the guys who were watching it with me beg to differ. They hooted and hollered in their typical 'I'm a male and I'm proud of it and...wanna go make out?' manner. Males. They're the same across every specie.

It was pretty fast moving and I wasn't bored which was a relief, thank god. I think boredom has become my second name. From the start of the movie till the end, it was entertaining and I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, howling along with the boys when the bad men were hitting the good men. Sorry, I can only just about distinguish the bad from the good. And the good were never good to begin with. Quite confusing for me because I choose to take sides right from the beginning. Makes things so much easily. (Like if I want to ask my brother after coming back from reloading my popcorn bowl, I just simply ask - Are the bad guys dead yet? See. So simple.) Really, it was quite an intense moment when Vin Diesel was being beaten up the Rock and I waved angry fat fists at the screen. (Fat because they were bugling with un-eaten cheese popcorn, thank god)

Gal Gadot, Fast Five
There was one scene that I found incredibly funny and I think quite a few of the viewers would agree with me. It was a terrible dig at women and frankly had me annoyed for a second but the scene was quite hilarious when you think about it. Gal Gadot who plays one of the good guys (but she's also a bad gu- gosh, see what I mean?) and one other member of the good team (lets just accept them as the white side even though they're apparently all shades of grey - mix of black and white) were pondering over how they would get the palm prints of the main bad guy. Then Gal threw a comment that was QUITE annoying, 'Don't send a man to do a women's job' or something like that. I had nothing against the comment BUT the context of her comment was irritating. Anyway, she sort of just threw away her cover dress and stalked towards the bad guy in a purple bikini.

Gal Gadot, Fast Five

Cue male hootings.

She sat down near him and *spoiler alert* you'd never guess how they got his prints! The fool grabbed her arse and started stroking her butt..and yeah, THAT'S how. So funny.

While this was going on, all I thought was...oh, such a petty bikini. I need to go home and find one like that for me. A size bigger, of course. Or mybe a two. I would NEVER fit into her size. I've been meaning to see to all that lumps and bumps hanging about in the body but I never seem to have enough time for that when I spend most of it doing, you know, important stuff like Facebook.

Honestly speaking, I haven't ever WORN a bikini without wearing something that covers it all up. I know, what's the point, right? I don't know, I just really enjoy bikini shopping and trying them out. I love all the bows and stripes and the neon coloured ones and I love how they slim you up (if you know which ones to buy for yourself) without covering you up from head to toe. Maybe one day...

I found some gorgeous cover-ups here though:

InStyle Swimwear, $68

Canyon, $174

Venus, $29

Venus, $88

Victoria's Secret, $30

Victoria's Secret, $49.50

Victoria's Secret, $68

Everything but water, $137

Everything but water, $71

Everything but water, $398 (ouch)

Everything but water, $139

Everything but water, $88

Nordstrom, $44 (my personal love)

Anthropologie, $138

80s PURPLE, $35.20

80s PURPLE, $62

Click below image to buy.

That's it for today!

Yours blushingly