Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Blushing Sunday Start

I keep reading blogs regularly. It's like a small (desktop) window to their lives. I follow some regularly, some frequently, some rarely and some...well, I think I've got the point across. The thing I love about some of those blogs is how they manage to make their lives seem so...wonderful! It's a life you wish you had. They manage to make the simplest thing like going out for a walk glamorous and so effortlessly chic. (I mostly follow fashion blogs, if you haven't guessed it already.)

Yesterday I realised with a start that I was going to College. The Big C. Well, of course it's the natural course after completing years of grueling school for most people but I never really focused much beyond the um, things that take up most of my time (more on that later!). I just, you know, vaguely acknowledged that eh, college. Will go soon. Fun. COLLEGE BOYS. Eh. 

That sorta thing. 

It just made me sad that I had rarely recorded my school days. I mean the only record of me ever having been to school would be my already dust-gathering photo albums and my comments on Facebook. I don't think my kids need to see my Facebook comments (What a douche! Get a life, ****!) or my lame pictures where I'm standing on my head and making funny faces at the camera...

So THIS morning I decided, while shampooing my hair, to get a blog of my own. Yes! I debated with myself. Why couldn't I get one too? Because you never stick to anything, you flighty shampooer!: my brain responded a millisecond later. I bristled with indignation (which is very difficult when you have soapy bubbles falling down your face and blinding you) at that. Do not! 
Oh, yeah? Then how come you're already stepping out of the bathroom with shampoo STILL in your hair? 
Err...anyway, after a round of furious debating and arguing...

...TA DA! I give you...ME!
Okay, I realise I'm not exactly star blogger quality (yet) but one day...

So for now, I'm happy just blabbing idiotically about things that make me blush prettily. Well, I hope it looks pretty. You never know with my skin. It could be the attack of the zits for all I know.

Till then,

yours blushingly.

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