Monday, May 16, 2011


My friend and I were having our usual Facebook discussions. "Oh, god. And then he did THAT!" "Oh, he's such an a*s."

I was surfing the web for pretty shoes when I saw a picture of a pair of Louboutins. We had a soulful discussion on it and then -

My Friend: Oh, GOD! I don't care about shoes! (This coming from a girl who stalks all the websites for designer stuff) I want to shuffle! 

Me: Okay, okay, lets come down here. Fine. We'll talk about shuffling. 

Friend: Like this -> 

Friend: Like the first girl at least. Or the third.

Me: (after a minute of watching it, puzzled) What is this? Moon walk?

Friend: (annoyed) NO! Shuffling. Or the techtonik.

Me: ...

Friend: I wish I could dance euroclub style. Since EVERYONE PARTIES TO TECHNO. THEY ALL DANCE LIKE THAT THERE!

Me: But...why?


Me: WHY would you want to dance like that? I'm sure it's awesome and all can't dance with a guy!

Friend: Yes, you can. You can get ohmygod close to the guy.

Me: (confused) How? What if you accidentally knee him....


Me: (continuing)...when you're shuffling away like a duck?

Friend: (also continuing)...BECAUSE I CAN'T DANCE!


How about you? Can you do the shuffle? 

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Pretty Blush said...

okay ...never seen anythin like this