Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sore Owl

Three months back, I bought this gorgeous Owl necklace from 99Labels, a site based in India which offers exclusive discounts to its members on the brands they feature every week. Sort of like the Rue La La of India.
The moment I saw it adorning the neck of the model adoringly, I hastily clicked on "Buy" without giving it a second thought. I mean, what's to think? They're OWLS after all. I've loved them ever since I saw the snowy white owl Hagrid gifted to Harry.

So after two weeks on intense excitement and slight panic - WHAT IF IT GETS LOST ON ITS WAY? WHAT IF THE DELIVERY MEN BREAK IT? WHAT IF SOMEONE HIJACKS THE PLANE AND STEAL MY OWL? - there was a sharp trill of the door bell and I bounced towards the entrance, eagerly clutching my money. 99Labels also offers Cash On Delivery, by the way. Which is a great way of ensuring you pay for what you get.

I opened the door with a flourish and there stood a man holding a very, very tiny package. Like, blink and you'd miss it. Okay, maybe not that small but I sort of accused the man of OMG! YOU STOLE IT! THAT IS NOT MINE, YOU THIEF! He seemed strangely calm which was a little upsetting while I waved my hands around stupidly. He handed over the package and I resisted my urge to karate chop him and signed the slip I had to sign. He slipped off while I continued with my rant and it took me a while to realise I was talking to the opposite wall.

When I opened my package, there lay a shiny silver owl pendant with a silver necklace. Oh, it was so gorgeous! I gave a shout of joy and pulled it on and then decided against it, thinking I'd spoil it. Oh, how I wish I HAD worn it for a little longer.

This brings me to yesterday's event. My brother and I were dragged to a wedding by our Mum and I wore my owl pendant. I looked at the mirror and smiled. All clear. Phew, right?

Wrong. It took me ONLY half an hour to realise my neck had become strangely stiff. When we went to meet the bride on the stage, she gave me an odd look and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. I thought I looked fine. I was wearing a very pretty blouse from Malaysia which I'd got last year and I had looked PERFECTLY fine when I had stepped out of the house.

"Stop bending!" my mother hissed from the corner of her mouth.

It was THEN, then that I realised my neck was stiff. I couldn't move it. Not even a miserable inch. The necklace was so heavy, it was dragging my neck and consequently my head downwards, making me look extremely dwarfish and penguin-like. And I'm not that tall to begin with anyway.

Looks very innocent, doesn't he?

It was beyond words, horrible! I couldn't move and I didn't want to take off the necklace in case I'd lose it. I ate my food with half my hair on my plate and my chin almost touching the plate. It was disgusting and I cringed every time I took a bite. AND to top the lovely evening, I met an old friend of mine who thought I was being my usual self. Which was sort of a self-realisation for me, by the way. He didn't seem to think it was strange at all, with my face on the plate, chin now immersed in cream sauce. Which begs the question: IS THAT HOW THEY SEE ME?

That brings me to a cross-road, dear readers: Are sacrifices a part of fashion? Should we just go out of our comfort zone to adorn something we love? Do we always remain in our comfort zone? Or am I being a plain idiot? Comment below!

Either way, I'm off to nurse my sore neck. See you soon!

Yours blushingly

(Pssst...this should not stop you from buying Owl necklaces by the way. You can buy gorgeous ones from Forever 21 and, in India, you can order them from Blend Accessories. They deliver all over India. Check out their designs on Facebook.)


Jo said...

Ouch ouch ouch! I've had earrings that were similar - after I took them out I realized how sore my poor ears were! Ahh, the things we do for fashion!


Pretty Blush said...

Ah, yes! Oh, well. At least we look infinitely pretty and put-together. :)