Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lovely Little Treasures Come in Tiny Packages

You know those boring days when there's nothing to do other than Facebook? Well, honestly, I'm quite thankful for those. It's better than NO Facebook. Yes, I'm a Facebook addict and yes, I'm one of those reasons why Mark Zuckerberg is currently one of the richest men alive. No, but really. I'm not selling Facebook (you're probably a FB user too) but it's a fantastic opportunity to meet new people...

...and that's how I met Vinita. Or more exactly, Tiny's Lovely Little Treasures. It was a page on Facebook that said, on it's info page, "Tiny brings style to you, right to your door step at the most reasonable prices ever". Well,  as you may have guessed, I clicked on Contact immediately and sent quite a demanding email requesting her to please send over her latest collection! (All done very sweetly, never fear. I'm a professional. I am!)

I got an email back almost instantly and here's what was in it:

Antique Queen's Crown, white rhinestones and black bow. $8/400INR

Charm Bracelet, $7/350INR

Charm Key Ring, $7/400INR

This is just a teaser of all the goodies that I wanted so desperately. I finally settled on two-three things and I just got them yesterday! I am NEVER going to the malls again. It's all handmade for me now! The accessories I got were super-cute and adorable and AFFORDABLE, though smaller in size than I had imagined. But after trying them on, I decided I like them better that way. She even added a small gift which I LOVED! I'll definitely show you the pictures in an outfit post that I will do once I get a DECENT camera. I think I'm still stuck in the 80s. :(

Vinita was friendly and so, so helpful during the transaction. I had a couple of doubts and she sorted them out almost immediately. She even came in the city newspapers:

I had a small interview with her too:

1. Tell us something about your designs...

Most of my inspiration comes from nature, butterflies, flowers, stars, leaves, you name it. I also get inspired by my friends, their personalities, their likes and dislikes. I also adore rhinestones, I love the shine and sparkle they add. I wish to use swarovski crystals soon... (Pretty Blushes is certainly excited about that)
 All our designs are hand-made, stones put by hand, hand welded. Each one of my designs is unique and special.

2. What type of girls/women do you keep in mind when you create them?

Young Women. With tight pockets. Those who want to look stylish without emptying their wallets.

3. What's your personal style?

I love bows! You will always see me with hair bows, bows on my bags, bow charms, rings. I also love acid colours and polka dots!  Stripes and textures too.
 I believe in keeping one accessory the center of attention. Most of my outfits are muted, mostly shades of blue, grey, violet. I like my accessory to have that pop of colour or interesting design...

Want to get hold of her pretty accessories? Here's how you can contact her:

Phone: +91-9930398311
Facebook Page:
She also has a personal Blog:

Psst. She made this gorgeous bib which I've got reserved for ME! Isn't it just gorgeous and drool-worthy?

What do you think, blushers? Definitely drool-wrothy?


Pretty Blush said...

Ah thank you so much :) love you

Pretty Blush said...

hey, i got the crown and the nautica for me. :)) do post your haul soon. :))

Pretty Blush said...

Isn't the crown just gorgeous? :)

Pretty Blush said...

I blogged about something I felt extremely happy about. So. Thank YOU. :)